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£2,500.00 Inc. Vat

Signed and numbered Serigraph
Limited edition original print
Artist: Beryl Cook

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Dustbinmen by Beryl Cook is one of a limited edition of 300 Silk Screen prints on Paper.

Edition No. 189/300
Image Size: 85 x 78 cm Size 34 x 30 inches
Paper Size: There is no border and the image fills the paper.
Sizes are approximate
Edition Size: 300
published 1987

This original Silk-Screen print has never been framed and is supplied Unframed.
Published in 1987 by CCA Galleries, Only 300 copies were ever made and this is number 189

About the subject of the print

This signed limited edition silkscreen print by renowned comic artist Beryl Cook shows:
dustmen collecting the rubbish. There is one man in the background and four large men emptying dustbins wearing big red gloves black overalls and flat caps fill most of the scene. The bins are various shades of grey.

Garbage collectors are known as Dustbinmen or dustmen in England. Other terms are also used these days, such as waste operatives but that is more of an official term. In most areas of Great Britain household rubbish is collected weekly and has long been the subject of songs and comedy but beryl has celebrated it in visual art.

40 Colours are used to make the print.

This print is Very Rarely found for sale to the public.


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