The Clapham Society

The Clapham Society and Outlines

The start of the Relationship

Way back in about the late nineties – I’m no longer sure of the dates – I was making my first website for Outlines.

I really wanted it to be a community thing.  I was excited by the whole internet idea, but people were pretty sceptical and thought I was wasting my time. Who knows, maybe I am still!

Anyway, I wanted local people and organisations to be involved. Among others, I mentioned it to a friend who was part of the Clapham Society and offered them a page or two within my website.

Long story short, I ended up having and entire website for them hosted at

Moving on to the Clapham Society now

Eventually, around 2007, They bought their own domain name and I designed a whole new website for them and moved it to the new Domain,

Since then we have added a News Blog and ventured into the online social world via Facebook and Twitter.  I have continued to look after their website and add the updates ever since.

So if you have landed here from an old link somewhere that was for the Clapham Society, now you know why:)

And here is the link to The Clapham Society website.

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