Catalogue Links

At Outlines we have always been happy to provide links to other sites and artists that we know and like, and that will not change.

There are links to museums, services, artists and all sorts. There is even a local directory – although that is a bit odd because ‘Local’ in this case is both London and Devon. Both Places have been local to us and we still feel attached!

You can find those links Here

The Artwork in the gallery is being transferred to the new design as quickly as possible, but it may be a while before everything is moved over and the artists’ inventory updated.
Do please, have patience and be kind. There’s bound to be a bit of crossover ‘cos I’m not a machine – I do have to manually change things!

Click Here to see the works still waiting to move.

It will open in a new window or tab so that you can easily return to the updated site.

Artists still not moved are under the ‘Catalogue’ menu too. They will jump over the the ‘Gallery’ menu as and when they are updated.