Artists Join Forces for Devon Open Studios 2018

Outlines was delighted to host the Artists Christophe Szpajdel and Christina Bonnett who decided to show together in the Devon Open Studios in September, a superb regional event that gives the public an opportunity to visit artist studios across Devon in the South West of the UK.

Well Known as ‘The Lord of the Logos’ Christophe creates Band logos, heavy metal looking typography and calligraphy made freehand using ink on paper. He has Worked successfully with Rihanna, Metallica, Emperor and many more.
His work includes life quotes that have a universal appeal.

Christina’s vibrant paintings have been in exhibitions in London and Europe. She works extensively in acrylic, water-color and oil for painting while for drawings she uses pen and ink, gouache and pencils.
Artwork includes painting, printmaking and book illustration.

A painting by Christina Bonnett

Christina Bonnett Painting example

A quote by Christophe Szpajdel

ChristopheSzpajdel quote

Artist Christophe made a request for shared space to show and demonstrate his art through DAN and was answered by Christina offering to share the fabulous studio at our great location in the Taw Valley.

The two artists hit it off at their first meeting at the studio on the Southern borders of North Devon. Several hours spent together gave the two time to listen to some music, walk in the garden and discuss the space available in depth.

They enjoyed looking at one another’s artwork and both were impressed by the quality and the messages they conveyed. Christina’s abstracts and landscapes made a favorable impression as Christophe told what he could see in them, while Christophe’s original artworks and his sketch book, full of calligraphy quotes and logo ideas, was met with admiration by Christina.
By the time the meeting was over they felt they had begun a new, lasting friendship, founded on mutual respect.

Christophe was delighted with the inspirational beauty of the surrounding countryside which fits so well with his ‘Forest’ themes.

Although their artwork is very different, Christina and Christophe found they had plenty in common; a love of nature, an optimistic outlook and a love of music from all over the world. They also share an an adventurous spirit, a desire to show their work to people with all kinds of tastes in art and they both aim to make their work readily available to old fans and new.

The two believe the contrast between the types of artwork and their styles serves to emphasize their respective appeal rather than diffuse it. “Visitors to the show will be in no doubt as to who made the work they are viewing” they assured me, and they were right.

Visitors enjoyed looking at the work of both artists spending time watching them demonstrating their skills and talking about the methods. Some said they were inspired by Christophe to try calligraphy to make their favorite quotes and one lucky visitor received a gift of a quote they mentioned, made by him as they talked.
Others tried Christina’s techniques using Outlines Acrylics. Supplied with a prepared board and plenty of paint they went for it with enthusiasm, producing pictures full of texture and colour and surprising themselves. A few went off with a brand new set off paints under their arms:)

Thanks to our adventurous visitors and their enthusiasm, the event was a success in every way. We met lovely new people, caught up with old friends and were introduced to new ideas and projects.

Devon Open Studios is organised by DAN (Devon Artist Network), an organisation that promotes, champions and supports the work of Devon based artists and makers.

We will keep you posted with plans for other Open Studios events as they unfold. Meanwhile the artists’ work can be seen on their websites:

Click here to see Christophe Szpajdel’s website
Click here to see Christina Bonnett’s work in our Online Gallery

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Click here to see Outlines paint set on Amazon
Click here for Outlines single tube of White paint on Amazon

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