Pip Carpenter

Pip Carpenter is a painter and printmaker.

Pip likes to work directly from the subject, taking her printing plate, paints and paper to the scene to capture the spontaneity of first vision. She extracts details, pattern and colours from the views that inspire her to create very striking images.

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Her paintings are in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pastel. Her hand made prints are etchings, drypoints, aquatints and collographs. Her prints are finished with hand colouring to give them extra vibrancy and texture.

All the prints sshe makes are limited editions, each print finished individually and hand coloured to create a unique image. The final working is the most critical, each piece dictating its own finish.

Pip Carpenter is well known as a collograph artist and especially for her collograph landcapes. However her paintings and etchings display her artistic talents to the full and deserve attention.

Pip is a member of the Greenwich Printmakers and has lectured in Art at Polytechnics and Art Schools. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including ‘The Encyclopaedia of Printmaking Techniques’ and ‘Pastel Workshop’. Details of these publications and others to which Pip has contributed can be found in the Book List



BA Painting and BA Printed and Woven Textiles, Liverpool and Camberwell Art Schools.

ATC London University.


Ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and Food

Greenwich Council, Kent Council, Northumberland Council

Kings College Hospital

Harmsworth Key Press

London Weekend Television

Aurora P&O Luxury Cruise Ship

HQ Executive Offices

Hammersmith Hospital

Du Cane Restaurant and various restaurants around the country

Many private collections throughout Britain and abroad


Pope and Bond Barge Repair Yard, Greenwich

Olympia and York Paintings, Canary Wharf

John Lewis Environments, Milton Keynes and Bristol

Direct Recruitment, London


ISBN 0-7472-0573-6 The Encyclopaedia of Pastel Technicians. Judy Martin.

ISBN 0-8069-2437-3 Sketching Planning andDrawing. Valerie Wiffen.

ISBN 1-85410-442-X Masterstrokes Pastel. Hazel Harrison

ISBN 0-00-41297-X Pastel Workshop. Jackie Simmonds.

ISBN 1-85076-726-2 Shapes and Edges Painting. Hazel Harrison

ISBN 0-00-412793-5 Pastel Painter?s Question and Answer Book. David Cuthbert.

ISBN 0-09-182875-9 The Complete Drawing Course. Ian Simpson

ISBN 0-276-42234-1 Pastel School. Hazel Harrison

ISBN 1-56138-210-8 The Encyclopedia of printmaking Techniques. Judy Martin

Pip has contributed to all of these Books.





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