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Now you can have your baby's feet cast Now you can have your baby's feet cast

Let Image Casting capture the character of their tiny feet in a cast so accurate it reveals every unique detail.

The casts can be framed or simply left free standing. Alternatively, you can have bronze.

The casting process takes no more than a minute or two, is easy, completely safe and fun.

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Casts Casts

Casts are ready in two weeks. Note For real bronze please allow 4-6 weeks.

Image Casting Image Casting

Unique in a world of mass production. Commission a cast of someone you love.

At Image Casting every piece is individual, because it starts with a cast of you!

Image Casting can also make unique casts of hands, torso's and portraits, and special pieces with your loved one

Many finishes are possible and there are various ways that you can have your piece presented and made exactly as you desire.

For more information email Image Casting

Appointments Appointments
To arrange a casting , simply call Jill at 'Artbeat' on

020 8673 4029

Or email Image Casting

Don't forget to mention 'Outlines'

London SW6


Baby's Feet Prices Baby's Feet Prices

Pair of feet in frame

Up to twelve months please email Image Casting

Bronze feet

Up to six months (up to 9cm) please email Image Casting

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